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Potassium Borofluoride

Molecular Formula:KBF4

Molecular Weight:125.90
CAS No.:14075-53-7

Property:This product is a white powder with density of 2.489g/cm-3 g/cm and slightly soluble in water and hot alcohol. It is of excellent fluidity and melting point of 350℃.

Applications:Potassium Borofluoride (KBF4) is used as a flux in the metal processing, surface treatment, and in the manufacture of aluminum, titanium and boron alloys. It is also used as a component for the fabrication of grinding wheel and abrasive disc to reduce the operating temperature, as a fire retardant for cotton and artificial fiber, and an erodent for the removal of exposed lead circuit board.


Chemical Composition (%)

Packing:in 25kgs or 50kgs PP bags or multiply paper bags, or 1000kgs-1200kgs jumbo bags, or according to customerundefineds requirements.